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Cell Phone Elbow Tips & Prevention

If you do not know what Cell Phone Elbow is, take the time to look at my blog entry about Cell Phone Elbow. This is condition is more correctly called cubital tunnel syndrome. Your first step should be to avoid activities or improper techniques which can cause this condition. Avoid bending the elbow beyond 90 degrees for any prolonged period of time. When you have to bend your elbow beyond 90 degrees, pay attention  to your posture or the position of the neck, shoulder and hand position. Try to keep these in the mid range of their range of motion with the muscles as relaxed as possible. Pay attention to your work environment and proper ergonomics especially if you have to work at the computer. Look for future blogs about proper computer ergonomics. Buy hands-free devices and more ergonomic devices.  Take frequent breaks trying to avoid any prolonged position for more than 20 minutes.  A splint or brace may be used to remind you to avoid any incorrect position from habits. A simple brace can be a towel wrapped around your elbow. In my practice, I may use an elastic tape called Kinesio Tape to tape the bottom of the elbow which will prevent extreme elbow flexion. When treating nerve entrapments, I use a technique called nerve flossing which allows the nerve to glide easier preventing inflammation from too much friction and the nerve is allowed to stretch evenly along the nerve when elbow is flexed past 90 degrees. The closest that I could find to demonstrate this is a video I found on YouTube from Doug Alexander. While it is focusing on a different nerve, you may still get some benefit since the ulnar nerve branches from the brachial plexus like the median nerve in carpal tunnel syndrome. Just follow the precautions and ask your doctor before trying this. I would also highly recommend some type of massage/myofascial therapy to loosen any tight muscles and ligaments causing the nerve compression. I personally use Graston Technique instruments which I have found excellent results compare to using my hands alone and they also have their own research regarding results with carpal tunnel syndrome. I am also certified or trained in using the metal instruments for conditions like cubital tunnel syndrome or carpal tunnel syndrome. In my references section, there are more excellent resources and tips. I handpicked the best information that I also tell my patients.

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