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Scoliosis Success Story with Chiropractic

Here is a success story of a patient with mild scoliosis and low back pain. You can read more about her chiropractic treatment with Graston Technique instruments in the following link: Scoliosis patient.

I used various chiropractic and physiotherapy techniques and tools like Graston Technique instruments. Graston Technique doesn’t officially endorse using their tools for scoliosis so you may not have the same results. I used their tools on certain areas of restrictions and tight muscles in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments. It is was an interesting case primarily about pain that I would like to share but I still cannot say that chiropractic or Graston Technique instruments helped without more research. Again, you may not get the same results for yourself with myself or another practitioner. Feel free to examine these before and after photos and x-ray before treatment.

 Scoliosis Before
Before X-ray
 Scoliosis After
 Scoliosis After

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National Scoliosis Foundation


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